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Leaders who Raised their Voices against War

We see so many people in today’s time talking about war and peace but actually, a few of them move in the direction which is beneficial for the survival of human race. We see most of the leaders talking about eradicating war and terrorism from this world but no matter what they do, the peace of the world always ends up being disturbed. Starting from Middle Eastern and South Asian countries, terrorism is now gradually forming its roots in the west as well. Most of the leaders tend to adopt more violent and strict measures to cope with it which always backfires and results in larger terrorist activities around the globe.

The good thing is that most of the countries have thought of the better way round and instead of destroying each other through the means of war, they are keen on striving better economically and winning in the race for money. In older times, when the world saw conflicts turning into greatest wars, there were a few leaders who still promoted peace and harmony amongst the masses. They never resorted to violent means to cover up religious, ethnic, communal, and other such issues. We want to find such leaders in the modern world as well but the problem is that they fail to become so impactful.

Here are three famous leaders who dedicated their lives to bring peace in the world and saving their community or country from oppression. Their works are the greatest examples that have been set for all times and if they are followed then most of the problems that we face today will be eliminated from our lives: Continue reading Leaders who Raised their Voices against War

Homelessness Problem in Hawaii – Highest Rate in the USA per Capita

For many people, the thought of Hawaii brings on images of sand and tropical drinks in coconuts. However, for others, it is a land of struggle and hard times on a daily basis. It has been defined homelessness is an epidemic that has reared its ugly head in Hawaii. Of Hawaii’s population, about 7,620 people are homeless. To many, this may not seem like a large number but it is relative to the totally population, so compared to other states, that is a very high level. The Aloha State has the highest rate of homelessness per capita with at approximately 465 people per 100,000. This is the biggest rate of all 50 states. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Hawaii has a population of around 1.44 million people. Continue reading Homelessness Problem in Hawaii – Highest Rate in the USA per Capita